Hayley Jane & Primate VBs NY Jog


Primates Duo Hayley Jane and Justin Hancock are backed by a full complement of Van Burens (Jeff King on keys, Emmett Knox on bass, Greg Smith on second guitar, and Matt Spitz behind the drum kit).  These VBs have done themselves proud and shown themselves to be true professionals by learning a couple full sets of HJP  songs and getting around New England and Boston metro in the last few weeks, culminating in a New Years Run, more or less, playing Sorry Mom New Years Eve in Franconia and Penuche’s in Concord New Years night.


These two bands have been combining forces, first subbing-in “PBear” on drums and adding piano and organ by “Pizza King;” then pulling in “McGee” for bass with additional guitar by “Smitty.”  The initial result was a predictably and pleasureably fuller sound, as the keys lent an ‘organic’ air of admirable authenticity to the Primates’ ‘Folkadelic’ sound (think acoustic-style music with electric instruments).  Any worries about a ‘different’ sound dissipated quickly.

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