UpComing ~ Fri 02jan15 :


Tony Marvici and Bob Toriani et all will bring their 2014 World Tour of Western Massachusetts to a screeching halt at the Granby Legion just off 202 tonight!

The (in)famous Irish brothers and their entourage will be the first new inductees into the Silvered Hall of Blues-Based R&B starting at 8pm.        Locals and regulars as well as pretty much everyone-who’s-anyone around the scene have come to expect nothing less than a rocking and rollicking good time at the highly respected venue.  The TONY PRIMA BAND puts      their unique spin on the classic style known and loved so well by area artists and acquaintances who have come to the Granby Legion to pay respect and  dance the night away for such legends as Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze, Tommy Whalen and the Ragged Edge, The Lynne Barsalou Project, Janet Ryan & Blue Lunch, Dynamite Johnny, and the ever-intermittent Klockwork.

They knows how to book ’em at this place … it’s where it’s at on a Friday night!

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