Marchia Gamache ~ Steppin’ Up


Marcia Gamache has a band nowadays…  Daryl on bass, right back at his ol’ turf at Patti’s 410, where he used to hang with the house band…  in fact, Ken and Phyllis, or Special K, are over at PACC tonight (right down the road- next stop?)…  We gots a regular drummer too- Bryant Galloway, lookin’ like one o’ them cool-as-a-cucumber types in his jaunty cap.  And the fourth slot here is filled with the key clue that this is indeed a blues-based outfit: no keys, please, we got us a harp player: PJ Kane; and he seems to have a ‘feel,’ an intuitive sense of when, how much, and how loud to put-in his in-put.


Marcia’s been bangin’ around the scene, establishing herself as good people and worthy of respect; now she’s getting herself going with a regular band- I reckon we’ll pay ‘tention here.  Comparisons with have to be endured, to Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi for starters, but what we have here is an idividual with the good-natured patience to travel her own path regardless of such hubbub, and a sweet and strong vouce to carry her through.  And her chops?  Even now- like, right at this moment, as I look for a nice way to wrap this up- she rips out some riffs on a rolling blues, a 50’s-ish soc-hop kinda number, and the licks are sweet and stinging, with a sound and an ease that seems to surpass the comfort level she shows on some other numbers.  It seems like this is a song she knows well, so that the whole thing is in fact more familiar, and so the guitarist can relax, which means loosen up in a good way- muscle memory moves in, and a mighty fine indication is given of the coming direction for this rising band-leader and lead-player.


She looks good, too- like, as a woman, yes; and a woman in charge, sure; but the visual that’s presented by the wood-tone Strat and the tawny blonde hair… that would be a pleasing asthetic for any artist of either gender, but in this case it just ‘works’ that much better.


Gamache goes Hendrix…  while Daryl sings “All Along the Watchtower,” as he likes to do, Marcia resigns herself to the daunting task of copping some Jimi riffs.  Now, ya might know the lady sings real nice, and shows a preference and penchant for the blues, but playing lead on that purty Strat is the newer of her skills and interests.  That being so, ain’tcha just impressed as hell and indubitably in favor of pretty much ANYone who has the… umm… ‘stuff’ to take on Hendrix- and to head up a band sans ringer to play lead?  Just a minute ago, she took on Stevie (Wonder, that is) with “Superstition” … and I coulda sworn I heard a crunchy Clav coming from the same speaker as her Stratocaster- we love that kinda ingenuity!




seems t’me when I first started using this WP blog, I could adjust and re-position the pics, or line ’em up, say, three aside each other…  lemme guess…  from a PC at home, sure; but from a mobile or Android device… not so much…  Oi!

Jimm O’D ~ The Dusty Turntable

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