Marion Groves Quick Shot at the Jazz Jam!


Now, here is an unexpected treat indeed: locally legendary and globe-trotting vocalist Marion Groves makes a fairly rare appearance at the Green Street Trio’s weekly Tuesday jazz jam held in City Sports Grill.


And what does the vocally power-packed lady sing, but a particular favorite of mine, Percy Mayfield’s “Please Send Me Someone to Love” – more a blues number, you say?  No matter; the sensitive dirge is a jazzily-handled blues here tonight, not to mention capably, authoritatively, and just plain nicely handled as well- this is classy stuff!


I like what Wikipedia says of the song (by the way):

“It has been called a ‘multilayered universal lament.’  Mayfield sang it in a soft ballad style. Its appeal lay in the sensitivity of its lyrics in juxtaposing an awareness of a world in conflict with a personal expression of the need for love.  Sung in Mayfield’s gentle, suave vocal style, the lyrics were a combination of a romantic love ballad and a social message against discrimination.”

My main frame of reference for the song is from Paul Butterfield’s first Better Days album, in 1973, which is a pretty high bar to come up to- Geoff Muldaur’s vocal took the thing to a near-Gospel level of spirituality.  And Ms. Groves, tonight?  Blues…blues with authority… jazzy blues, but pretty heavy (as it should be) and muchly appreciated.

We should talk more about Marion Groves- just you wait; she’ll have a show soon.


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