This page needs to be re-done, re-worked, re-fined and re-fixuated.  For now, though, I’ll just leaver it be…  add it to the list of things on The List…  get to it, you know… some day.


A/B   =   Artists & Bands

The Open, Loving, Beautiful Souls Tour of 2013 – 2014 continues indefinitely …

Vermont area   ~   Twiddle ~ Mihali ~ Gubbilidis ~ Monsta’ Party ~ Brickdrop ~
Tony Lee Thomas ~ TonyLeeThomas Band ~ Krishna Guthrie ~ Jenny Porter

Boston area  ~  Hayley Jane and the Primates ~ The Van Burens ~
TerraFunk ~ Alec Hutson ~ Sam Dechenne ~ Cocek Brass Band ~ and more

Heading South ~ The Redliners of CT ~ The Milers ~ Dillon ‘n’ Ashe ~
Viva la Hop ~ Rapplesauce ~ Yo’ Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band ~
Liviu Pop ~ Bob Laramie ~ Ricky Marshall ~ Paul Dabrowski ~
& their bands

Western MA / Pioneer Valley area    ~    Eva Cappelli and the Watershops Band ~ Larry Dulong & Random Sighting ~ Buddy McEarns ~ ~ ~  Tommy Whalen and the Ragged Edge  ~ ~ ~  Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze  ~      Wildcat O’Halloran Band ~ Lynn Barsalou Project ~ Janet Barker Ryan & Co. ~ ~ Santana Tribute ~ The Kings ~ Kings Duo ~ Gnome Sane ~ John Cantalini ~ Flying Cantalinis ~ Kahtelyn Richards ~ Soundalicious ~ Lincoln Hubley ~ B.J. Korona and Bands ~ Doug Hewitt ~ Doug Hewitt Group ~ Hewitt Jazz Bands ~ Doug’s Rock Shows ~ Klockwork & co. ~ Dynamite Johnny ~ Peter Newland ~ FAT

Prog-Metal  ~  Tides of Time ~ Writing in the Skies ~ Entandem ~ Pneuma ~

This list is fairly current from 2013 through 2015 and into the new year…
There are getting to be more than I can keep track of, and I am not an agent.
Venues ask for ideas, artists look for work, and I can only bring ’em together
for their first and maybe second date; then y’all can take it from there.
Basically, the idea is that I would drop names here, of artists and bands
with whom I feel comfortable engaging as a networking friend….

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