This is where I’ll talk about my favorite subject- you know, the About Me page!

I started something here a couple of years ago; really just dashed it off quickly…  presently, meaning ‘some day,’ meaning “I’ll get to it, really I will,” meaning I will continue to maintain the hope against mounting evidence to the contrary that there will come a time when all of this stuff is brought to a state of polished, presentable readiness… at which time I will convert the whole thing to a bona-fide dot-com website… then, I will be someone with a story to tell… briefly, of course….

Jimm O’D ~ The Dusty Turntable

I get around New England and Eastern New York to see a lot of live music, and I write about it.  I’ll relate my observations, thoughts,  and feelings, speaking from my own experience only; but I don’t ‘review’ performances.  I’m a lover, not a critic- of music that is.  These musings are expressed purely from my own viewpoint for enjoyment (mine and yours).  Other ramblings may creep in here and there as I share these  “memoiryviews” as I like to call them.  Maybe I take myself a bit too seriously (some may say), but I really am having fun- and it took me a long time to come to this point….

The Open, Loving, Beautiful Souls Tour began in the Spring of 2013, with a weekend of sunny skies and soft bumps on the Superstar run at Killington, in central VT.  The night-time between the days was pleasantly punctuated by a friend’s Cinco de Mayo Birthday Barn Bash in Pittsford, just the other side of Rutland.  Just as in the tradition of Tolkien’s hobbits, this fellow insisted on not just throwing a party, renovating a barn and putting on a concert of fully professional quality and indeed quite epic proportions, but also of making a pretty substantial Gift of this shindig for all his friends.  I insinuated myself into an invitation (and so it began!).

This is just the beginning  …  There is, of course, much more to it  …  Lemme get back to ya  …  I’ll keep peckin’ away at it  …  Stay tuned!

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